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House sitting is an increasingly popular solution for people who need to take an extended trip away and are concerned for the security of their property and welfare of their pets. At Mindahome our simple one step process makes it easy for pet and home owner’s to find their perfect live in house sitter or pet sitter, not only providing them with peace of mind but also saving them the cost of expensive kennels.

House sitting is also ideal for people able to travel as house sitters. They can use the site to find house sitting positions and experience different parts of the country saving on accommodation costs. In many cases they can enjoy the company of a variety of animals while their owners are relaxing and enjoying their trip away without worrying about their pets or property. To read more about the many advantages of house sitting please click here.

What is House Sitting?

What happens to your home when you need to be away for a time? It could be for that holiday you've always dreamed of and now have a chance to take, a business trip or even a sudden family emergency. You'll need to make sure that your home stays safe and secure. If you own a pet, it has to be taken care of, too. This is often quite a challenge.

An ideal solution is to engage the services of a house sitter. It's a no-expense way to get 24/7 care for your property and pet. A house sitter will look after your home in exchange for free accommodations. You get the service and the sitter gets a decent, comfortable to stay in without having to pay for hotel bills.

In addition to keeping your house safe and making sure it's spic and span, a house sitter also takes care of your other everyday tasks. This includes mowing the lawn and tending the garden, receiving mail and packages, and doing minor repairs. To outsiders this makes your house look like you've never left and discourages thieves on the prowl for vacant homes. Insurance firms often give preferential treatment to homes that use house sitters because it reduces claims due to burglary and accidents.

Home owners with pets find house sitters especially useful. While you're away your pet needs extra special care, and keeping the pet at home keeps it from feeling abandoned and neglected. A dog kennel or cattery will only upset the pet and expose it to unnecessary risks. A pet sitter, on the other hand, can make sure your pet continues to enjoy the comforts of home while you're not around.

House sitters generally have the experience that comes from taking care of their own homes. They know how important a good house sitter is. This often leads to a long-lasting relationship between the homeowner and sitter, resulting in a homeowner repeatedly engaging the services of a house sitter he or she is familiar with.

Benefits for the Home Owner

The most important benefit of house sitting is the peace of mind it gives the homeowner who's away on a trip. House sitting spares the homeowner from having to worry about the security of the home or the safety and care of a pet. This enables the homeowner to focus on the job during a trip, or to completely relax and enjoy a much-needed vacation.

But house sitting doesn't end with keeping a house safe and looking after a pet. The house sitter steps into your shoes as a home and pet owner, neighbour, and member of the community, making sure all your obligations are met while you're not around.

When you have to leave home for a time, here are some compelling reasons to engage the services of a house sitter.

  • You employ the house sitter, after careful screening, and acquire his or her services at no cost in exchange for free lodging in your home. Many people do house sitting on a regular basis becoming experts at looking after many types of homes under all sorts of circumstances. They're determined to do a good job so you can hire them again, or recommend them to friends and acquaintances.
  • A house sitter gives your pet the best possible care. A pet that's checked-in to a kennel or cattery can get very lonely and distressed, getting into fights with other pets, or becoming contaminated by various diseases. Besides, a kennel or cattery can be rather expensive. Under a pet sitter's care your pet stays at home where it is comfortable and relaxed, reducing its feeling of loneliness.
  • A house sitter can lower home insurance premiums. A house that's left alone is exposed to burglars, accidental fires, floods and other natural disasters. That's why insurance companies frequently give lower premium rates for homes that engage the services of a house sitter.
  • Regular tasks are attended to when you have a house sitter. Chores like receiving mail and packages, answering phone calls, handling payment of utility bills, taking care of the garden, cleaning the pool, and many others are part and parcel of a house sitter's job. All you need to do is agree on the tasks and they're taken care of in your absence.
  • You're always just a call away from your house sitter. With today's mobile phones and computers you can keep in touch with your house sitter as often and as frequently as you need in order to keep your mind at ease. The house sitter can call you whenever any special matters crop up, send you videos or photos of your pet, relay special requests, and keep you up-to-date on how things are going with your home, pet and neighbourhood. It's the next best thing to not leaving at all.

Benefits for the House Sitter

  • House sitting is a wonderful way to travel to distant cities and countries without spending for hotel rooms or apartments. It helps you use your travel budget better to enjoy your stay by exploring the area, making friends in new places, and living life the way the locals live it.
  • With house sitting you get to live for free in a decent, comfortable home without having to worry about hotel bills or apartment rentals. When you live in a home, you set your own pace and make your own schedule for the day. This enables you to adjust your activities so you can participate in and experience the local happenings.
  • Especially if you have a pet of your own, house sitting a home with a pet will help you cope with feeling lonesome. Pet sitting gives you the chance to meet other pet owners, and widens your choice of house sitting jobs that you can apply for.
  • House sitting helps you cut down on food expenses. A house sitting assignment includes free use of the home's kitchen to prepare your meals. This saves you from having to eat in restaurants or fast food joints all the time. You can shop in local markets and cook the food you want, exactly the way you want it, without having to spend a lot of money.
  • For temporary stays, house sitting is an excellent choice. While you're in between homes, or if you're planning to relocate to another city, a house sitting job is a great way to get free accommodations. You can also take a house sitting job while sizing up a new location before permanently settling down there.

Latest Home Owners

House sitting job in St Leonard's On Sea, South East England

St Leonard's On Sea, South East England

10 November 2016 - 3 days

Hi, we have a lovely house in St Leonard's on Sea, with brilliant views and a 1/3 of an acre garden. We also have two lovely spaniels whom I am loathe to take away from their home. We are going away on the 10/11 to the 13/11 - so is there any availability out there? Please let me know costs and so on, as I am new to this. We are both semi retired. I am an English teacher and Andy, my husband, was a director of HR.
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House sitting job in Beaminster, South West England

Beaminster, South West England

1 March 2017 - 14 days

We are a male couple, one retired and the other semi retired. We live in a 3 bedroom Victorian cottage with wood burner etc in a Dorset hamlet, on the Somerset, Devon, Dorset border, with few neighbours but lovely views, and yet we are only 2 miles from a mainline train station. Negotiating the "lanes" to the station can be fun as you have to give way for the racehorses from the training yard whose gallops you can see from the house. We have 2 dogs, Puppy ( his name not his age), an 11 yo...
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House sitting job in Pitlochry, Scotland

Pitlochry, Scotland

11 November 2016 - 3 days

I,m looking for someone to stay overnight with my 2 cats ;i am hoping to go and visit friends in North Scotland in November or December 2016 (flexible with dates but i would be leaving on a Saturday morning so would need you to be here either Friday night/(or earlier Friday if you prefer) or early Saturday morning and i would be back Sunday) :you would be welcome to stay the Sunday night too.I need someone reliable,caring and to be an experienced cat lover to stay overnight with my cats....
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House sitting job in Fulflood, South East England

Fulflood, South East England

5 December 2016 - 44 days

Edwardian three bedroom end terrace near to train station and a 10 minute walk into the city centre. Parking available. Quiet road, with good access to all facilities including the Christmas market in Winchester. One small tabby female, very affectionate. I will be away in Australia visiting my family and need a reliable house sitter to look after Bonnie.
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House sitting job in Axmimnster, South West England

Axmimnster, South West England

4 November 2016 - 39 days

We are Christopher & Jonathan and we are looking for non-smoker/s to house sit and look after our 2 cats and 3 chickens (this time the dogs are coming with us). Keep a general check on our two greenhouses and gardens. The house is located on the town edge with large gardens but within a 7- 10 minute walk of the town centre. Lyme Regis and the Devon coast are within very easy reach and the town has a mainline railway station and bus services. We much prefer to meet suitable applicants in...
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House sitting job in Oulton, Yorkshire and the Humber

Oulton, Yorkshire and the Humber

8 October 2016 - 7 days

One bedroom flat with communal gardens in a well respected and sought after area. I simply want peace of mind that the property won't be left for too long while we're on holiday. Our dog will be with us on holiday so it really is a case of house sitting.
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Latest House Sitters

House Sitter: mr & mrs B

mr & mrs B

we are animal lovers,lost our own dogs recently,both ex school bus drivers,no ties,very honest and trustworthy,own cars,in good health and fit.we are keen gardeners,like walking,i am good at diy,both have a love of all animals and have an understanding of pet owners needs having been there ourselves.
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House Sitter: Retired couple with dog

Retired couple with dog

Hi, we are Ian and Suzy, a retired couple from Devon, currently in the last stages of building our new house. Suzy spent most of her working life on ships, both civil and military, and Ian is a retired Police officer. We also have Pippa, our 10yr old Labrador, who is extremely placid, well behaved and sociable with all other dogs. If sitters without dogs is essential to you, then thank you for looking. We are extremely house proud, practical and take a great pride in a professional approach...
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House Sitter: Retirement fulfilment

Retirement fulfilment

The pictures are of me with Bonnie, a sit sweetheart & me with my son & my darling Myla (died 15 10 14). I am a retired (July 2015) nurse looking for fulfilment, having rented out my flat to give me this opportunity to travel around the country in my micro-camper, house/pet sitting full-time. It is a wonderful lifestyle! As a responsible animal lover, I am committed to looking after your pets, as well as your property and possessions as my own. I will leave your house exactly as I find...
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House Sitter: Happy Couple of 32 years Marriage

Happy Couple of 32 years Marriage

We are a well-travelled couple - compassionate, caring, outward-looking, physically and mentally in fine form, "The Glass is always half full, never half empty. We love variety, caring for others as much as for ourselves..... Honesty and Caring is our Trade Mark
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House Sitter: Friendly & tidy young professional, NZ

Friendly & tidy young professional, NZ

Hello! My name is Danielle, I am a young professional from New Zealand and I have just moved to London to start my big OE. I have a passion for travelling and aim to make the most of being close to Europe, as well as to explore the UK during my time here. I speak French and enjoy challenging myself by participating in triathlon during my spare time. I work in Marketing in the healthcare industry and am passionate about both science and business. I can provide references from previous house...
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House Sitter: Warm & friendly animal-loving couple

Warm & friendly animal-loving couple

We're a professional, non-smoking couple who have recently returned to the UK from 15 years in Amsterdam. We would like to make the most of discovering different places in the UK & spending time with wonderful pets.
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