What is House Sitting

Why House Sitting is becoming so popular

House sitting, the process of arranging for someone to look after your home and pets when you can’t be there, is becoming increasingly popular amongst people who need to be away for extended periods of time. By engaging House sitters, people who were once worried about the security of their property and wellbeing of their pets, are now able to enjoy their trip away without any concerns.

House Sitting benefits for the homeowner

Most dogs and cats become used to regular routines and familiar surroundings; they are most comfortable in their own home with its familiar sights and smells. When you need to be away and cannot take your pets with you, finding them alternative accommodation can be stressful for them for many reasons . Engaging a house sitter at these times is the ideal solution.

Your pets (and you) are happy because:

  • They get to stay in their own home with its familiar sights and smells.
  • Their daily routines are not disturbed.
  • Their food and eating patterns remain the same
  • They get to sleep in their own familiar bed
  • They have the company of other familiar household pets
  • They have human company with all the fuss and attention they are used to and so love.

House and pet sitters also

  • Understand a pets needs and are on hand for emergencies
  • Are able to administer medication to pets should it be necessary
  • By living in and giving your home that lived in look, provide security for your property and belongings
  • Are able to perform various tasks around the home and grounds such as mowing the grass, keeping the garden tidy and watering plants. In fact they are happy to help out with most chores that might be required.

And that’s not all

  • By not having to put your pets in kennels or catteries, you save a great deal financially.
  • There is no need to impose on your neighbours, friends or relatives.
  • You don’t need to employ anyone to keep the place tidy such as cleaners or gardeners.

Benefits for House Sitters

The reason people become house sitters are many and varied. Some are:

  • For retirees, by saving on accommodation costs, it’s an inexpensive way to explore different parts of the country
  • People lucky enough to be able to travel and who love pets can do so whilst enjoying all the comforts a house has to offer rather than being confined in a hotel or motel room.
  • Travelling this way people can cook and eat in, saving by not having to spend money at expensive restaurants.
  • The reduced travel expenses gives many people an opportunity to visit, explore and stay longer in places they would not normally be able to afford.
  • By staying in a house in the suburbs and mixing with the locals, house sitters are able to immerse themselves in the culture and see and experience life that most tourists would miss out on.
  • For people in between homes, house sitting can a provide cost effective temporary accommodation solution.
  • The house sitting concept helps people save money. People are able to save for a multitude of reasons such as a car or a deposit on a home.
  • When moving to a new location people can use house sitting to try out different suburbs. By becoming familiar with the area and getting to know the locals they can then make an informed decision as to whether the location suits them.
  • When renovating a home, for many people its easier to move out. House sitting can provide temporary accommodation during this time.
  • For those people that are lucky enough to be able to work from home, house sitting provides the opportunity to travel, save money and oftentimes keep the company of animals whilst continuing to work.


How to choose the right house sitter

Although choosing the right house sitter to live in your home and take care of your property and pets is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly, it does not need to be difficult. To help you make a decision we have an eBook available free to MindaHome members that explains the subject in detail. But put simply, you need to get to know the applicants so that you feel comfortable with the one you eventually choose. Below is a brief summery.

  • Take the time to read the sitters profile and decide if their attributes match your needs. (Are they retired? Do they smoke? Etc). Ask for copies of references and police clearance.
  • Confirm that police clearance and references are current
  • You should always ring the referrers to verify the references are genuine. If phone numbers are not supplied don’t hesitate to ask for them.
  • Talking to the referrer is also a way to get to know the sitter so don’t hesitate to ask questions. The reference itself will give you topics to discuss with the writer.
  • Other references from employers or trusted community members are also a way of getting to know the sitter.
  • Once you have found a few sitters that you think might be suited try and arrange a face to face meeting with them. Inviting them home for a coffee is also an opportunity to see how they get on with your pets. If a meeting is difficult because of distance you can always try a Skype meeting by computer.
  • As well as covering this subject in more detail the free Mindahome guide to house sitting eBook also has a ‘house sitting agreement’ and a checklist to help smooth your whole house sitting experience.The agreement is a document which puts the home owners requirements in writing so that there is no misunderstandings between either party.
  • Its also perfectly acceptable to have a close friend or neighbour call in to check on things from time to time. House sitters are happy to know there is someone handy to call on should the need arise.