About us

Mindahome was founded by Mel and Sue with a vision of making it as easy as possible for home and pet owners to find reliable, experienced house sitters. Being home and pet owners as well as house sitters ourselves, we know the business and understand the needs of both home owners and house sitters.

Today, Mindahome employs 4 people and is a leading house sitting website; helping people from all over the UK to easily find minders for their homes and pets when they need to be away.

We are passionate about making sure we provide members and visitors to our site with the best experience possible, and are always looking for ways to improve our services.

  1. We make it easy to be involved; joining Mindahome is a one step, one page process.
  2. Our fast modern website provides a pleasant browsing experience for owners and sitters.
  3. You will find it quick and simple to search for owner ads and sitter profiles with easy navigation between them.
  4. Each owner advertisement has a Google map attached, showing their approximate location.
  5. It is free for home owners to use our website and find their ideal house sitter. House sitters pay a low £15 for 12 months membership.
  6. Mindahome members all receive our free guide to house sitting e-book, an invaluable tool for those new and experienced in the world of house sitting.
  7. Our guarantee for house sitters:  If in the first 12 months of your membership you follow our recommended procedures as outlined in your welcome email and on various help pages on the Mindahome website, and you actively engage in attempting to secure house sitting positions but are unsuccessful, we will provide you with a further 12 months membership at no cost to you when claimed within 7 days of your first years membership expiration.

People choosing to use the services we provide with this website should read our ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’.