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Pet and Home Owners

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  • Contact sitters whose profile appeals to you from their profile page
  • Save time. Be contacted within hours by sitters available for your location and timing that fit your requirements
  • Receive a free copy of our 'Guide to House Sitting’ eBook

Our House Sitters do not usually charge for their services as most are willing to house sit in exchange for free accommodation. However, should you be happy with their service and feel you would like to make a small payment as an expression of your appreciation for a job well done, it is quite acceptable to do so.

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House Sitters

£20 annually

  • Allows you access to all sitting positions in UK with no limit to the number of sitting positions you can apply for
  • Immediate access if paying by credit card
  • A visible profile for Home Owners to email you directly when looking for a potential sitter
  • Contact Home Owners directly from their details page
  • Receive a daily email digest of new sitting positions in your selected locations(s)
  • Receive a free copy of our 'Guide to House Sitting" eBook
  • Enjoy fast simple browsing and searching of Available House Sitting positions
  • Browse a Google map of available House Sitting positions in all UK or by location
  • See a Google map of the approximate location of each House Sitting position

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