What does House Sitting cost?

Pet and home Owners are free to list their needs on the MindaHome website. There are no costs involved in using our service. The process is simple, just visit the link below and submit your details. When completed you will be able to contact house sitters and be contacted by house sitters. You will also be sent a welcome email with your registration details as well as a link to our “House Sitting Guide” eBook. List your house sitting requirements - click here.

House Sitters pay an annual membership fee of £15 to have a profile on the Mindahome site and be able to contact pet and home owners as well as be contacted by them. We have made the registration process as simple as possible - to begin please visit the link below. On completion of the process you will receive a welcome email with your details as well as links to information pages on the site including a link to access our “House sitting Guide” eBook. Join us as a House Sitter – register here.

Interested in House Swap Holidays? House swap or Home exchange is where people visit different parts of the country or the world and arrange free accommodation by exchanging homes with others in those locations. We have a House Swap website where membership is free so if you are interested in knowing more please visit HomeSwapHolidays.com by clicking this link.