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Money Saving Hack #12 – Choose a Pet Sitter’s Life!

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We’ve all heard the old adage ‘less is more’, but if we truly put this into action, it can actually reap some very sizable rewards.

Travel Light

The life of a house and pet sitter can be rather nomadic; always on the move from one position to the next. It’s not for everyone, but for those who embrace the adventure, house and pet sitting can save them loads of cash.

Aside from living rent free and saving all the money you earn, rather than handing it over to a landlord in rent, the trick to being a successful house and pet sitter is travelling light.


The first step is to stop collecting and start selling! Once we rid ourselves of all the surplus possessions that we own, it’s quite interesting to see how little we actually need.

Store, Sell, Trade and Donate

If you’re able to store a few more treasured possessions with family or friends, move some of your items into storage and then really begin to cull. Sell, trade and donate what you can to ensure you have only what is absolutely necessary to transition to and from pet sits with ease.

Make Life Simpler

Take advice from de-cluttering experts and start living a more minimalist lifestyle, while making – and saving money – along the way.

Are you travelling lighter? Join thousands of house and pet sitters across the UK and live rent free and save money.