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Let Manchester Weave Its Magic Around You

Manchester Art and Culture

Textiles have played such a major role in Manchester’s history the the Victorians nicknamed it “Cottonopolis”. In some Commonwealth countries, “manchester” still refers to household linen items such as towels, pillow cases and sheets. But Manchester, wove its magic to become the world’s first industrialized city and is today famous for its architecture, culture, music, scientific breakthroughs, engineering innovations, and sports. There’s a saying that goes, “What Manchester does today, the rest of the world does tomorrow”. Pet caring opportunities in Manchester open the door to explore all this great city has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.  There’s a saying that goes, “What Manchester does today, the rest of the world does tomorrow”

A City of Discoveries

What better place to discover, than a city where discovery is a way of life. The electron, proton and neutron were discovered by scientists who were born or studied in Manchester. The city developed the first true canal in England and the world’s first inter-city passenger railway service. Color blindness and acid rain were first propounded in Manchester which also developed the world’s first standard screw thread system, sniper rifle, industrial estate, stored-program computer, and mass spectrometer. It is the city where the atom was first split. Continue reading “Let Manchester Weave Its Magic Around You”

Discover Bristol – A City the River Built

Bristol, Avon River, House Carer,If your house sitting assignment or holiday is in Bristol, you are staying in England’s sixth largest city which is built around the River Avon. This connection to the sea has propelled the progress of Bristol through the years, making it South West England’s centre of education, employment and culture today. In the 14th century, the city was a centre of shipbuilding and manufacturing, making it the second most important port in the country and the jump off point for expeditions to the east, west, across the Atlantic and to North America.

The ships turned Bristol into a focal point of smuggling and the slave trade, and at one time more than half a million people were carried from Africa on 2,000 ships fitted out at Bristol to live as slaves in the Americas. With the advent of air travel Bristol became a natural base for aircraft manufacturers who set up their factories in the city. The aerospace industry together with electronics and creative media industries continue to be a dominant factor in the economy of Bristol. It also welcomes almost 10 million foreign tourists every year making it the UK’s seventh most popular destination. Continue reading “Discover Bristol – A City the River Built”

Living it up in Liverpool

house sitting liverpoolDiverse, multi cultural and known as the ‘World capital city of Pop Music’, Liverpool has much on offer for travellers and visitors alike. With its well known musical history, friendly people and a strong sporting identity, many people are unaware of the culture, art, bustling port and many interesting architectural features that are also an important part of Liverpool.

Whether you fancy walking in the footsteps of the Beatles or taking in some of the rich cultural events that happen regularly, Liverpool has plenty to offer. Take a cruise along the River Mersey, wander through Britain’s largest cathedral or enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants serving a wide variety of high quality food in Liverpool. Did you know that Liverpool has the largest collection of galleries and museums outside of London? With so much to do you might need more than just a day to explore this fascinating city so if you are looking for a house sitting ‘break’ this could be just the place for you! Continue reading “Living it up in Liverpool”

Peace and tranquillity for a House Sitter in The Lake District, Cumbria

The Lake District for House SittersNestled among fells, hills and the most beautiful scenery you can ever imagine, is the Lake District in Cumbria. Comprising 885 square miles and containing 2 of the deepest and longest lakes in all of England, Cumbria is a county of great beauty that attracts many writers, artists and visitors each year. It is the perfect place for house sitting for those seeking tranquillity and a break from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Scafell Pike, which is at 978 metres, the highest mountain in England lies in what is now known as the Lake District National Park.

The Lake District is one of the most sparsely populated areas of the country but is the home to the towns of Keswick, Windermere and Ambleside, in which all modern amenities can be found. Many visitors to the area come for the sheer beauty, peace and relaxation that can be found in abundance. Walking, climbing, watersports and many other activities are available during the warmer months, however the Lake district is known to be the Dampest part of the country and the weather be somewhat changeable. Continue reading “Peace and tranquillity for a House Sitter in The Lake District, Cumbria”

Make a splash while house sitting in Beautiful Bath!

City of Bath, EnglandIn the county of Somerset, south western England is the beautiful city of Bath. A world heritage site since 1987, the city of Bath is rich in history, culture and architecture. Originally named Aquae Sulis (the waters of Sulis) by the Romans, Bath has for a long time been famous as a spa town and is very popular with tourists, students and locals today.

If you are house sitting in the bath area, why not go along and see what this Unesco listed town has to offer? All of the usual modern day amenities can be found, universities, bars, theatres and arts, which compliment nicely the Georgian architecture, beautiful parks, open spaces and cultural wonders that Bath has in abundance. Continue reading “Make a splash while house sitting in Beautiful Bath!”

Flaming Flamingo’s you’re house sitting in Yorkshire!

When you are a house sitterFlamingo Land, Malton, North Yorkshire in Yorkshire there is an exciting place you must include in your ‘to do’ list! Nestled in Malton, North Yorkshire is a fantastic theme park, zoo and holiday resort named Flamingo Land. Opened originally as a small zoo in 1959, Flamingo Land has grown greatly in size and is now one of the top 12 attractions in England. Home to some of the biggest and best theme park attractions in the country, Flamingo Land offers a fun filled day out for all ages.

Go along and see over 1,000 animals including zebra, baboons, lions, rare and exotic animals and the wonderful flock of flamingo’s that have been a part of the zoo since it first opened and are still breeding successfully today. Flamingo Land Zoo makes all efforts to ensure the animals there are kept in enclosures as close to their natural habitats as possible and also encourages conservation projects. Continue reading “Flaming Flamingo’s you’re house sitting in Yorkshire!”

House Sitting in Blackpool will Light Up Your Life!

For a total of 66 days each year the town of Blackpool plays host to a wonderful display of lights, that measures a full 6 miles or 10km’s long. First started in 1879 and still running annually, the Blackpool Illuminations are a wonderful sight to see for any house sitter and the event will be remembered for years to come. This stunning display runs from the famous Promenade at the south end of the town, all along to Bispham in the north.

Blackpool sits on the coast in the North West of England and has been a prominent coastal town since the 1840’s, when the railways first reached it. Still famed today for its cheap and cheerful seaside holidays and miles of sandy beaches, Blackpool remains popular with tourists from all over the world and has a wide variety of attractions suitable for all ages. Continue reading “House Sitting in Blackpool will Light Up Your Life!”

House Sitters Head to Alnwick Castle for a Taste of Britain at its Best

If you’re lucky enough to be House Sitting in the North East of England, Alnwick Castle is a great place for a day out.   Set in the Northumberland countryside, first glimpses may appear foreboding but, as one of Europe’s largest inhabited castles and home to the Duke of Northumberland for the last 700 years, it’s still very much a living castle.  It’s most certainly a castle which is full of surprises.  Behind its fearsome stone walls lie lavish State Rooms for you to explore filled with an awe inspiring collection of art and furniture belonging to the Percy family.

Today it’s more than just a private family home and visitor attraction; it’s also the centre of a large business enterprise which includes property management and development, leisure, heritage and tourism together with farming, forestry and minerals. Continue reading “House Sitters Head to Alnwick Castle for a Taste of Britain at its Best”

House Sitters Discover the Magic of Historical York

Look for house sitting opportunities in Historical YorkWhen you choose to housesit in York you’ll be totally spoilt for choice when it comes to sightseeing. Yorkshire is not only the largest county in England but it has stunning scenery, a fascinating history, vibrant cities and quaint villages galore and is home to the ancient walled city of York, the traditional county town of Yorkshire. A compact city with a history that stretches right back to Roman times, it’s a fascinating and diverse place to spend some time. And even if you’re not a history buff, by House Sitting in York you’re in an ideal location to explore beautiful countryside, shop at some of the country’s most exclusive shops outside of London or even go on a daytrip to the seaside.

Known for its magnificent cathedral, quaint cobbled streets, amazing architecture and a wealth of visitor attractions York will definitely keep you entertained, no matter how long you choose to stay. With literally hundreds of museums, historic buildings, shops, restaurants and bars within its walls you’ll never be short of things to do. Continue reading “House Sitters Discover the Magic of Historical York”