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Pet Care Prep for Warmer Weather

Preparing your Pet for summer

Warmer weather is on the horizon and just like us, our pet-pals need extra care to adjust to the heat and to be protected from summertime pests.

As the weather warms, there’s no better time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Whether you’re out in the garden to nurture your vegetable patch or taking a trip to one of our dog parks that let your fur-friend sprint around the grounds, there are some things to remember to ensure you have a good day out.


All pets require fresh, clean, cool water daily and this is even more important if weather temperatures are high. Provide water in a cool place for pets and ample shade for them when outdoors. Take a collapsible bowl to collect water for your pet when you’re out and about. For birds in cages, you may consider spraying them with a fine hand mist of cool water or hosing down the floors and/or walls of the cage. Birds are unlikely to drink warm water, so on those hot days, make sure the water is changed regularly throughout to ensure your feathered friends have enough fluid to stay hydrated.

 Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are out in force during warmer weather so keep your pet’s flea and tick treatment up to date. There are various options on the market, but best to check with your vet or a pet specialist to see which product is right for your pet.

Chemicals and Pesticides

Our canine and feline friends can get into the trickiest of places, keeping chemicals and pesticides away behind closed doors, so that they can’t be easily accessed, is a must. If you’re a keen gardener and plan to spray your flowers, herbs and shrubs, try to do it on a still day with little wind. Some chemicals can be harmful – even fatal – for animals, if you use pellets or other pesticides to protect your vegetables from insect predators, then protect your pet-pal too with a barrier to stop them from wandering through your garden beds.

Find your ideal pet sitter to care for your pet as the weather warms, or make the most of pet sit this summer.