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Looking for house sitters? You've come to the right place! Below you are free to browse our lists of experienced and reliable house sitters and contact any you think might be suitable. Use the drop down menu to see house sitters for your location.

We save you time. Browsing house sitter lists, sending messages and waiting for replies can be a long drawn out process. And if the house sitter is already booked for your dates you'll be waiting for their reply unnecessarily. To save you time, when you contact a house sitter on this site you will be asked to describe your requirements. This way, not only are you able to contact our sitters but also, those that are available for your dates and location will be contacting you within hours.

To contact our house sitters from their profile page please join us as a home owner here.

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House Sitter - Stonetravellers


Ian and Isobelle Haynes. My wife and I are experienced, discreet and caring house sitters. We are fit and active late 50’s, (very nearly 60!), non-smokers, dependable and take the responsibility of looking after your house and pets very seriously. We are flexible in both where and...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 1756
House Sitter - Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Hello, I'm a 64 year old retired English teacher based in France when I'm not house-sitting in the UK. In my leisure I enjoy reading, country walks, music and writing creative non-fiction.. I love animals and they seem to like me! Dogs love taking me for walks, and cats..... well, they...
Preferred sit locations: all UK and Ireland
ID: 1666
House Sitter - Mrs


We are a couple who regularly need to be in the Gatwick area for work reasons. We currently live in Devon and would be free to house sit within a 50 mile radius of Gatwick and if you and your animals like us we would be happy to arrange and diarise re-books. We both love animals and are used...
Preferred sit locations: West Sussex/Borders Kent, Surrey.
ID: 4797
House Sitter - AVAILABLE NOW.  Animal Lover, Handyman,

AVAILABLE NOW. Animal Lover, Handyman,

I am a financially independent 50 year old NON smoking male with my own transport who has the ability to work from home (Web Design and digital consultancy) I have a great compassion for all animals and enjoy long walks........ I am also very practical and pride myself on my knowledge of...
Preferred sit locations: All Areas.
ID: 4737
House Sitter - Angel


Selling property in Shropshire, to spend a year travelling length and breadth of Uk, whilst waiting for Godson and family to move north from Bedfordshire. Hoping to Housesit, revisit old haunts, explore new horizons, see old friends spread far and wide. Have experience, and in my professional...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4804
House Sitter - Taking care of your home

Taking care of your home

We are a Spanish family with two kids , ages 9 and 11 very interested in knowing other cultures and new experiences abroad while taking care of your pet and home. We had a rabbit but he died and also experience in looking after dogs. VERY reliable and honest family , very concious of taking ...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4801
House Sitter - Retired Couple

Retired Couple

We are a retired, very active couple, living in a country house in Spain. We recently this August lost our beautiful German Shepherd Gypsy, she was 13 years old and the most gentlest and loving dog you could ever know. We are lovers of all pets, dogs and cats. We had a feral cat...
Preferred sit locations: West Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Dorset, Devon
ID: 1158
House Sitter - capable, careing, practical, reliable,

capable, careing, practical, reliable,

Hi everyone, we are a New Zealand couple coming over to the UK in early 2019 to travel round for 12 to 18 months depending how the whim takes us. Our family has all grown up and left us so we are traveling again. We are reliable, House proud practical people. From a farming background we moved...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4799
House Sitter - Mr


I am a divorced man, father of two teen children at school in Cranleigh area, spent many years in security, wildlife protection and semi retired. I am honest and reliable and meticulous in personal admin and attention to detail. I am looking for a house sitting opportunity so as to be close to...
Preferred sit locations: Guildford, Slinfold, Cranleigh, Ewhurst, godalming
ID: 4798
House Sitter - Edinburgh couple avail from Mar/Apr 2018

Edinburgh couple avail from Mar/Apr 2018

We are Amy (English, 34 from Norwich) and Jerry (Scottish, 46 from Edinburgh). We're a non-smoking, clean-living professional couple with a passion for nature and world travel. We're looking to stay in, or near, our home town of Edinburgh in 2018 for a few months, after spending over a year away...
Preferred sit locations: Edinburgh - in or near (within 30 min drive)
ID: 4792
House Sitter - Experienced and Dependable House Sitters

Experienced and Dependable House Sitters

Paul and I are retired teachers from UK who are now enjoying exploring the world more leisurely after careers spent in north Africa, the Middle East and England. We've gained a wealth of experience in house-sitting for several years within UK, France, Australia and New Zealand. Our house...
Preferred sit locations: SW UK
ID: 2248
House Sitter - Just retired police officer

Just retired police officer

Just retired from the Police and Home Office after serving thirty years. Having a break from another full on career and have a bit of time on my hands. I am discreet, honest trustworthy and efficient. Love dogs and work my two regularly in the field. Very much in to country sports scene....
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4795
House Sitter - Retired Couple

Retired Couple

We are a retired couple living in Australia but travelling to the UK on a regular basis. We have had experience in looking after a property in Wiltshire and for some years we assisted in running B&B's and guest houses in a country town in Victoria. We are available for house sitting from June...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4794
House Sitter - Go Anywhere Trusted House/Pet Sitters

Go Anywhere Trusted House/Pet Sitters

We are now in a perfect position and time of our lives to be able to offer our services to look after your home & pets. Tim is a recently retired "handyman" and I'm retiring in 2017 as a private medical Foot Health Professional with over 20+ years experience. We have no dependants and can...
Preferred sit locations: Anywhere
ID: 3387
House Sitter - Reliable and Trustworthy Sitter

Reliable and Trustworthy Sitter

I am mature aged female, very young at heart, active and non smoker. I have wonderful reviews from the housesitting I have done of late and treat people's homes and animals like they were mine. I'm very tidy minded and dedicated in respecting other peoples homes and belongings. I used to work...
Preferred sit locations: London, Midlands
ID: 4638
House Sitter - Bernice


Hi, I'm Bernice a reliable, friendly house/pet sitter, I live in Norwich, Norfolk. I have two years pet sitting experience with Guardian Angels, where I would regularly have pets come and and stay in my home and have been providing my own service since May 2014. I have looked after...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 1014
House Sitter - Aussies


We are a recently retired couple. We owned and operated a Bed and Breakfast in Gold Coast Hinterland Australia for the last 18 years. We love gardening and to have animals to mind would be a bonus! We have enjoyed animals in our lives in the past. Our only daughter is looking to move to England...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4789
House Sitter - NGO Manager

NGO Manager

I am Dutch/Peruvian, 25 years old, and in the process of moving back to the UK after living and working in Greece for the past 18 months. I may be house-sitting alone or with my friend and colleague Laura, who is 27 years old and from South Africa (of Italian/Lebanese descent). I grew up in...
Preferred sit locations: London, Cotswolds, Bristol, Liverpool, Brighton, Portsmouth
ID: 4788
House Sitter - Janet


Hi...Im a free agent these days with no ties at home (apart from my neighbours 2 adorable ginger cats that seem to prefer me for cuddles!) So I am available for weekend/long weekend sits. I love all animals great & small, but at present have none of my own due to my wanderlust for travelling. I...
Preferred sit locations: kent
ID: 4574
House Sitter - Retired university professor, non-smoker

Retired university professor, non-smoker

Avoid your home being empty, preclude squatters, ensure your pets feel content by staying at home and possibly reduce your insurance premium i am an experienced pet-friendly house-sitter who will respect you and your family. I will care for your home and pets and provide you with peace of...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4461
House Sitter - Matt the hat

Matt the hat

Professional working male, chilled out, tidy and clean. I love animals, especially dogs.
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4784
House Sitter - Professional Kiwi couple

Professional Kiwi couple

We are a couple from New Zealand who are wanting to house sit in the U.K. while we explore the beautiful country. We are moving to the U.K. in April 2018. We are both huge pet lovers and we are both energetic (walking and exercising dogs not a problem). Hazel is a registered nurse and Dan...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 3712
House Sitter - Reliable and trustworthy house sitter

Reliable and trustworthy house sitter

Hello, I am a single [divorced] male with annual CRB checks completed for the last eight years. Totally reliable and capable of maintaining a secure service and I have no criminal convictions whatsoever. I have my own vehicle and able to travel anywhere in the UK at short notice. I am in good...
Preferred sit locations: Any
ID: 4708
House Sitter - Caring professional couple.....

Caring professional couple.....

Outgoing couple looking to travel and explore new places. We adore animals of all types and have experience of owning and caring for pets.
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4783
House Sitter - Reliable, trustworthy and tidy!

Reliable, trustworthy and tidy!

We are a married couple (37 & 40 years of age) from the UK who returned to the UK last summer from 18 months living and working at a remote wildlife research camp in Botswana. We are not quite ready to settle down again and feel that house sitting is a great way for us to live in some different...
Preferred sit locations: Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire and the South West
ID: 4315
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