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Looking for house sitters? You've come to the right place! Below you are free to browse our lists of experienced and reliable house sitters and contact any you think might be suitable. Use the drop down menu to see house sitters for your location.

We save you time. Browsing house sitter lists, sending messages and waiting for replies can be a long drawn out process. And if the house sitter is already booked for your dates you'll be waiting for their reply unnecessarily. To save you time, when you contact a house sitter on this site you will be asked to describe your requirements. This way, not only are you able to contact our sitters but also, those that are available for your dates and location will be contacting you within hours.

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House Sitter - Retired couple

Retired couple

Retired couple in U.K at present till mid Oct 2017. Then returning to South Australia but want to come back in Jan 2018 to stay for 12 months. I am English my husband Australian but want to spend at least a year in U.K. We have experience looking after dogs and cats. Happy to look after all...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4579
House Sitter - Caring and friendly single lady

Caring and friendly single lady

Ex teacher and police administrator. Friendly and caring person. Part time carer. Great dog and cat lover. Family have dogs and I have 2 cats.
Preferred sit locations: Devon South Hams
ID: 4578
House Sitter - Reliable & trustworthy house/pet sitters

Reliable & trustworthy house/pet sitters

We are Lynn and Neil, a reliable, trustworthy and caring non-smoking married couple in our early 50's, British from the midlands and both retired and would like to see other parts of the UK. Lynn used to be a childminder and receptionist and Neil a works engineer. We are very active and enjoy...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4577
House Sitter - Retired university professor, non-smoker

Retired university professor, non-smoker

I am an experienced pet-friendly house-sitter who will respect you and your family and care for your home. My aim is to provide you and your family (including your pets) with peace of mind. I keep my own home clean and tidy and would do the same if I stayed at yours. As I am retired...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4461
House Sitter - Writer with Gumption

Writer with Gumption

Creating a shiny, sparkling home makes me feel all is right in the world - and I find almost any member of the animal kingdom endlessly intriguing, endearing and funny. This clearly means that becoming a house sitter (as well as a writer) was probably always written into my destiny (!)...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 1847
House Sitter - Your Bespoke Housesitter

Your Bespoke Housesitter

As well as years of experience as a house and petsitter, I am a General Nurse and a Registered Midwife (now not practising) I now look after families away from the healthcare setting. Please ask for details of my website. I have owned a Belgian Shepherd dog and a terrier and so am used to...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 3199
House Sitter - Mature reliable female house sitter

Mature reliable female house sitter

I have retired after working as an accountant / auditor for a chartered accountants for the last 50 year's. I am female 66 year's old, fit and own my own house and car. I am trustworthy and reliable, non-smoker. I also love looking after animals and gardening, I am careful and considerate...
Preferred sit locations: Anywhere
ID: 4079
House Sitter - Gordon's Professional House Sitting

Gordon's Professional House Sitting

Retired lawyer. Reliable, friendly and honest. Single. Active. Animal lover. No commitments. Enjoy travelling. Experienced house sitter/animal sitter for over two years. Wish to pursue house/animal sitting and companionship as a longer term career. Bright. Well dressed. Well spoken. Computer...
Preferred sit locations: All locations.
ID: 4534
House Sitter - Ex Government Workers....

Ex Government Workers....

Hi we are Barbara and Steve, a retired mature married non smoking couple. Who just love all animals. Steve is a retired police officer and Barbara is a retired prison officer. We have for the last three yrs been running a successful, pet sitting, dog walking and housesitting business. This has...
Preferred sit locations: Southwest/All Areas
ID: 4134
House Sitter - Jay


Hi...Im a free agent these days with no ties at home (apart from my neighbours 2 adorable ginger cats that seem to prefer me for cuddles!) So I am available for weekend/long weekend sits at present. I love all animals great & small, but at present have none of my own due to my wanderlust for...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4574
House Sitter - House sitter

House sitter

I am taking time out of work to work on an illustration project. I own and let my own home so am a responsibe and mature person experienced in looking after a home. I have had experience house sitting a number of houses that required looking after a variety of animals from cats to chickens. I am...
Preferred sit locations: any
ID: 4568
House Sitter - retired  old gits

retired old gits

two none smoking none drinking 70s pensioners with own dog plus car can do europe and uk my wife is a retired staff nurse and i am ex military and an international hgv driver our services are free/ crb certified we are gsd friendly also we have our own caravan for isolated places jw
Preferred sit locations: france plus anywhere
ID: 2913
House Sitter - Your Home is Our Home

Your Home is Our Home

We are early retirees from our positions as a teacher and a firefighter. We now live in rural France. We run a very successful Chambres D'Hotes. The business is quieter during the winter months and it is then that we can take some pleasure from traveling. Paramount to us is that we aim to...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 1935
House Sitter - Sarah Elles-Hatcher

Sarah Elles-Hatcher

Clean tidy, trustworthy, animal loveright, Experience with horses, dog, cats ,ferrits, goats, ducks chickens, ect . I have too jack russellsaid of my own, who are very social
Preferred sit locations: Open to any on rail link
ID: 4556
House Sitter - Mr.


I am a 39 year freelance writer and teacher from the UK. I work from home, including online teaching, and can work anywhere where there is Internet. I love animals and I am used to being around them. In the past I've owned dogs, cats, hamsters, chickens and horses.
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4570
House Sitter - House sitter

House sitter

Hi I am planning on moving to London at the beginning of next year. I will be following some acting courses and want to explore the acting industry in London as much as I can. I am currently living and working in Belgium. At the same time I am also studying to become a teacher. If all goes...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4569
House Sitter - astronautsaroundtheworld


Fit and healthy, caring, kind, generous, polite, well-mannered, respectful, friendly and tidy. Emma (Mother), James (Father) and 2 daughters; Sylvia (8) and Marianne (4). We enjoy visiting new places and meeting new friends and animals.
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4109
House Sitter - Drof


Newly retired professional couple in early sixties. After demanding careers we are looking forward to exploring new areas. We are very tidy, love gardening and pets ( but not reptiles).
Preferred sit locations: Norfolk London
ID: 4479
House Sitter - Experienced and Dependable House Sitters

Experienced and Dependable House Sitters

Paul and I are retired teachers from UK who are now enjoying exploring the world more leisurely after careers spent in north Africa, the Middle East and England. We've gained a wealth of experience in house-sitting for a couple of years within UK, France, Australia and New Zealand. Our house...
Preferred sit locations: SW UK
ID: 2248
House Sitter - Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Hello, I'm a 64 year old retired English teacher based in France when I'm not house-sitting in the UK. In my leisure I enjoy reading, country walks, music and writing creative non-fiction.. I love animals and they seem to like me! Dogs love taking me for walks, and cats..... well, they...
Preferred sit locations: all UK and Ireland
ID: 1666
House Sitter - Mrs


I am a nurse that comes to work in Bristol and looking for lovely home to make my stay more beautiful.
Preferred sit locations: BRISTOL
ID: 4566
House Sitter - The pet whisperer ;-)

The pet whisperer ;-)

Hello! I am a graphic designer and illustrator that works remotely on an EU-funded food-growing project that promotes sustainable land management practices. Having grown up in South Africa, I have grown up with cats, dogs and horses my whole life and since moving to the UK I am terribly missing...
Preferred sit locations:
ID: 4565
House Sitter - Reliable, friendly and trustworthy

Reliable, friendly and trustworthy

I am a teacher who now has the time to house and pet sit. I am friendly, cheerful and show attention to detail in my placements. I first did house sitting for friends and family, but now do it on a more formal basis through various sites. I love visiting various places and enjoy walking. I...
Preferred sit locations: Coastal, rivers, Lakes , cities
ID: 3491
House Sitter - Friendly, caring artist

Friendly, caring artist

I am an artist and adore travelling. I have been house-sitting since I was in high school and love to take care of a home whilst the owners are away. I love dogs, cats and horses and have always been around them since I was a child. I have a lot of experience walking dogs, am very fit and love...
Preferred sit locations: London
ID: 4563
House Sitter - Trustworthy Reliable great with animals

Trustworthy Reliable great with animals

I am a single professional woman with my own part time internet business as well as being a songwriter. I have a passion for natural health and sell powerful supplements and anti inflammatory water filters that changes the lives of allot of people and pets. I also have a love for Oolong...
Preferred sit locations: London, south east, south west
ID: 4561
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