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Experienced companion animal/home carer

ID: 61k


D. Kathryn



Age group:

36 to 45



Years active:

4 years

Preferred locations:

All the United Kingdom (full regions list)

Reply rating:

5 out of 5

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I'm Kat––a multi-faceted freelancer bearing more than 25 years of companion animal and home care experience. To date, my expertise in both fields now spans 4 countries, in both professional and "sharing economy" capacities.

I am also an ecclesiastically ordained holistic wellness/culinary professional, studio musician, and literary freelancer by trade. Remaining active in the organisation of community projects and specialised retreats/workshops, I often work remotely as chief operator of a consultancy business in relation to many of the aforementioned. The ability to virtually assist clients around the world from any location has been a blessing throughout periods of lockdown, and travels with me wherever I go.

Having grown up on a small (family-owned) fruit orchard with many companion animals, I now carry with me a lifetime of care experience for flora and fauna of many types. A lifelong adoration for Earth and fellow Earthlings has led me to having made many lovely connections with people, animals, and gardens all over the world––in addition to a fair amount of professional success in relation to such. As such, I am able to offer decades of experience and loving care (including therapeutic and technical training obtained within veterinary environments) for animals of all types, shapes, sizes, temperaments––and happy to offer many glowing references upon request. =)

Presently based in lovely Colchester, I have become meaningfully engaged in culinary and wellness work on an ongoing, collaborative basis after having rather recently reached the the end of what had been a long-term (nearly 2 years) assignment in Greater London. Currently hoping to find another longer-term assignment, preferably near the city centre, or even in a slightly more rural location reasonably nearby (ideally with easy access to public transport to where I am working).

I am also rather keen to accomplish a few (music related) studio projects with another recording artist with whom I sometimes work in Dover, so assignments in that area may also be considered.

After having been based in London for an extended period of time, I am now feeling quite grateful to have escaped from the city and all of its commotion. However, I may also still be somewhat willing to consider certain assignments in the Greater London area––largely for the sake of "convenience" in relation to some of my work, existing clients, friends, and associates.

Also of note: I often aim to offer priority to Sphynx cat households (in loving memory of my own little Sphynx who passed away in 2018 at age 19.25) & pointers (I grew up with and adore this dog breed so much) virtually anywhere/for any duration––along with animals/people/places with whom I have worked previously. As such, if you are a Sphynx or German Shorthaired/English Pointer household in search of someone who will adore and best understand the unique needs/personalities of your companion animals, please do not hesitate to reach out.

With all of that said, I am often quite keen to take into consideration any peaceful settings from which I may be able to work quietly and enjoy as much time as possible in nature. I am also most inclined to choose assignments which last for several months at a time--though shorter assignments may also be considered if they are local to wherever I may be located primarily.
In relation to short-term (or ongoing) assignments where residence is not required, I am often happy to offer special "day rate" quotes for those seeking day visits (as opposed to having a sitter present for overnight assignments).

However, in most cases I am generally far more inclined to consider long term situations––especially those in and around the area in which I am engaged in ongoing work/projects.

My intention in gravitating toward longer-term situations is that becoming familiar with one location/routine best allows me to focus upon my daily work (which includes a great deal of writing) and maintain a reasonable level of continuity as far as daily routines (work, daily exercise/physical therapy, nutritional regimen & "slow food" projects, etc.) are concerned.

It is my preference to dwell in places where I am able to prepare my own food (raw/live/organic, 100% plantbased) & store produce/juices in a refrigerator. I generally prefer baths over showers (mainly for therapeutic reasons), & always clean up after myself rather meticulously.

Additionally, I neither smoke nor drink alcohol at any time, and also avoid use of anything potentially mind-altering or pharmaceutically derived. Thus, you can rest assured that I will be sober, present, alert and fully aware at all times when caring for your home and/or members of your extended family.

Somewhat related, I also aim to use natural (often handmade) methods for cleaning/personal care, and feel most comfortable in eco-friendly, non-smoking environments.

For more modest households who may often find it difficult to book sitters bearing preference to stay in "high tech" homes (offering use of "SMART" appliances/televisions, gaming consoles, Netflix, Alexa, Google Home/Nest, etc.)--I also aim to live somewhat modestly in many respects and strongly prefer to avoid such technology. As such, I will happily consider "low-tech" assignments first. I also do not watch television, so access to such is unnecessary. Additionally, I am unlikely to use a hob, oven, or microwave appliances at any time/for any reason.
While I do use a notebook computer (to which I often connect to wireless networks), I find it just as easy to set up via tethered connection (especially at night, when I prefer to sleep without WiFi).

I also bear a valid (& squeaky clean) state issued driving permit from the USA, and may be willing to drive your car whilst in the U.K. (or elsewhere). If interested in setting up such an arrangement, please ask in advance so that we may discuss logistics & sort matters such as insurance ahead of time. Please note that fully manual transmissions are presently not a possibility for me to handle at this time, and for this I apologise in advance.

For those who may prefer to engage a carer duo (or have a "backup sitter" available in case of emergency), I have a close friend who may be willing/able to join me for certain types of assignments. Unlike me, my friend is actually able to operate a manual transmission––and happy to do so as needed.

However, for most situations I am most inclined to work/travel alone as a single sitter--as one of my primary goals when engaging in such work is to enjoy a bit of solitude and time on my own.

Thanks for reading & considering me!

Peace be with you,

***Quick updates (as of Spring 2023)***

- I have recently been exploring the possibility of booking a transatlantic voyage by sea (most likely from Southampton) for some time in the near future (possibly within a year's time). As such, I have also been considering the possibility of seeking placement in relatively nearby areas to my port of departure––especially if dates were to align with any of my projected dates for departure. .
That said, I am also quite happy to organise in accordance with the needs/preferences of those for whom I will be sitting. Thus, I would very much like to discuss those needs and preferences in detail as early on as possible.

- As a final note, I feel compelled to reiterate that glitches & occasional "page freezes" have occasionally presented a few issues with loading/accessing messages on the site. As such, I earnestly invite anyone with whom I have previously corresponded with contact info to please feel free to reach out directly via email and/or telephone in case things here do go a bit funny.

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