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5 Cleaning Tips for Pet Loving Homes

Whether you are house sitting someone else’s pets or at home with your own, many of us share our homes with pets and sometimes, extreme weather conditions mean that our pets may need to stay inside for extended periods.

But that doesn’t mean that poochy smells need to become our home’s new overpowering scent.

When you have one or more fur-friends sharing your home, keeping a pet loving home tidy can be easy by following a few simple tips.

Brush, brush and brush again

Brushing your dog or pet everyday can limit the hair flying around and getting stuck to furniture in your home. Brushing also helps in removing any flaky skin by distributing natural oils through your dog’s coat. Not only will regular brushing save your home and furniture from unruly hair and mess, it will also provide you with some important bonding time with your fur-friend. A DIY methods for removing hair from clothes, is to use tape rolled around your hand with the sticky side on the outside. It’s also great for furniture but otherwise an upholstery tool will do the job too.

DYI deodoriser

One of simplest – and cheapest – things to use to get rid of pet smells and odours is baking soda. Sprinkle it on your carpet and leave it for a few hours before you vacuum. Spraying vinegar in the air is also said to be great at removing pet odours from your home.

Mat those paws

A simple way to reduce the amount of dirt and mud that your pet tracks into your home is by having a bath mat on the outside and inside of access areas. They are easily washable, which makes them a great solution. If you’re after more of a deep clean, keep a bucket of water by your door along with a towel. This will allow you to quickly and easily clean your dog’s paws before they enter your home.

Clean straight away

Don’t leave messes too long. Clean up any indoor accidents or stains quickly, because they can alter the colours or furniture, carpet or rugs permanently!

Choose the right dining area for your pet

Having your pet eat with you near the dinner table can mean that uneaten food or crumbs could be left, hiding in crevices and cracks where ants and other creatures may come looking. It is important to create a designated separate area for your pet’s meal times, outdoors or in another room, and remember to clean your pet’s food and water bowls regularly with hot water and gentle detergent and allow them to dry. Your pet will love to have their own eating space. Cats for instance, usually don’t eat all their food at once, with their own space they can return to finish off their meal at their leisure!