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Experienced pet sitter & remote worker!

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Freelance HR Consultant & Executive Coaching Practitioner

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Hi, I'm Emma!

******* ABOUT ME ********
I'm a 30 year old single, responsible, travelling HR Professional who works remotely from my laptop. I'm an experienced petsitter, and I'm incredibly grateful to get to bond with and care for different animals - all with their own unique personalities - through house and petsitting across the world!

I'm originally from London; but I love to travel - so, I took a leap of faith and gave up my lovely apartment in Highbury (north London) in late 2016. I now rent apartments on a short-mid term basis in locations I want to visit, whilst working from my laptop for about 20 hours a week - blending petsitting into that where I can! A big downside of this lifestyle is that It would be unfair to have a pet, so I really enjoy house sitting and becoming temporary care-giver (yet lifelong friend!) to other peoples fur babies! I grew up with dogs and cat, and find I'm so much more content with them around.

In the last 2 years, I've traveled across Asia, including Indonesia, Singapore and India, stayed in France for 6 months, been to Ireland, and pet sit in the UK. I'm always 'on the road', though I tend to stay in places for a few weeks to a few months at a time so I can focus on my work and really get to know the place (and the animals, if I'm pet sitting)!

I know I only have a couple more years of living in this way before I'll want/need to 'settle down', so I'm trying to make the most of it!

My deep love of animals is reflected through my eating choices; I am a vegan, and choose not to consume animal products.

In my spare time I read a lot, practice yoga and meditation, like to be active; particularly enjoying hiking and cycling. Traveling is my biggest passion. :)

******** MY EXPERIENCE ********

Due to my 'digital nomad' lifestyle - and general love of animals - I'm an experienced pet sitter. At the time of writing this, I've just finished 2 weeks looking after 2 dogs in the UK.

Having grown up with a dog and 2 cats, I genuinely adore animals and feel a big loss when they're not around. I have extensive experience with both dogs and cats, and love both equally. I have also cared for rabbits, hamsters, fish, turtles and birds. I'm very affectionate, so will happily sit giving cat or dog cuddles all evening. I'm also active, so enjoy getting dogs out and about on walks and adventures. Because of my work (which is flexible) I'm typically in the house for most of the day, which can be quite soothing for pets (particularly the dogs!) who notice their owners have suddenly disappeared! I'm happy to discuss how we meet your pet's needs during my stay, particularly if they are (or have been) unwell, or have 'unique' personalities :) .

I'm experienced in caring for animals who have special needs. I regularly sit for an epileptic dog, who requires medication 4 times a day, and has seizures multiple times a week - requiring me to administer medication to him anally, keep him safe during the seizure and provide aftercare. This often also includes liaising with the vet. I'm a firm believer that our pets do understand and feel fear when they're not well, and I have a loving and reassuring approach in the way I interact with them, or persuade them to do unpleasant yet necessary things - like take medication. I'm additionally experienced in administering meds to cats via syringe (even tricky ones who don't enjoy it, which I approach lovingly!), re-dressing wounds, cleaning eyes and ears, clipping nails and similar day to day tasks that come with caring for our animal friends.

I have a full, clean UK driving license; and hold car insurance in the UK which means I'm covered to drive any car, with the permission of the owner. This may be important for you, as I understand from experience (particularly with special needs animals) that being able to get them to a vet quickly might be essential, and knowing that I could do this may bring you peace of mind. Please note, I don't travel with my car, as this is shared with a family member since I'm out of the country so much!

I typically prefer longer house sits, and tend to do sits of 2+ weeks around the UK outside of London. However, I'm available to do house sits of 3+ days in LONDON, as I'm often in the city briefly to attend a meeting or two.
That said, If you're stuck in a rut with a last minute need or sitter that's fallen through, feel free to get in touch!

It would be great to have a video call or phone chat before the sit starts. If I'm in the area beforehand, I'm also happy to meet for a coffee :) I can share my personal and work email addresses, as well as my mobile number and whatsapp contact, so that we both feel reassured and can connect easily whilst I'm staying at your home.

It's really important to me to have all of the information I need to take care of your pet well. For this reason, I ask that even if we have discussed your pet's needs, you leave a full 'hand over' which details their normal character/behaviour so that I'm able to notice if something changes, any strange little habits they have, their routine including feeds, walks, where they usually sleep etc, any medication and how/when to administer it, the vet's phone number (and what you would like me to do if your pet needs a trip to the vet), a phone number I can reach you on at any point during your time away and any other important information about your pet.

It's also essential for my own peace of mind and sense of safety to know whether anyone else will be entering your home during my stay; for example if you have a cleaner who visits and when I should expect them, so that I don't get a shock!! Also, it's helpful for me to know the little details which will ensure I can respect your home properly - for example whether I should answer the phone if it rings, or whether I can use little things like your tea& coffee!

Thanks for reading! :)

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