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How To Write a Good House Sitter’s Profile

Take the time to write a good house sitters profileA house sitter’s profile is a job application form with a difference. It’s the first step in getting a job as a house sitter so that, like any application letter, it needs to be done right and provide the employer with all the basic information about yourself. But, unlike the usual application form, a house sitter’s profile gives you the chance to tell the employer what kind of a person you are and why you are the best choice for the job.

The job of a house sitter combines the responsibilities of a house cleaner, security guard, gardener, pet owner, personal assistant and much more. It also requires a sense of responsibility that a homeowner can rely on to take care of one of the most valuable possessions he has. The profile, therefore, must convince the homeowner that you not only have the technical qualifications for the job but also the maturity and reliability to discharge your obligations.

  • As well as a photo of yourself your profile should provide information that shows why you are qualified to be a house sitter. Having and managing your own home, prior house sitting experience, employment in related fields like animal care, carpentry and home maintenance, gardening, security and similar fields can help a homeowner assess your qualifications for the job of house sitter.
  • Your reasons for wanting to do house sitting should be a brief part of the profile so the owner can assess how committed you are to the job. Some house sitters are interested in a short-term job, others are looking for regular but part-time work while others are out to explore new places and cultures. Your reasons will help determine whether the house sitting job you’re applying for is right for you.
  • Your profile should be well-written. The care you put into writing a profile will reflect on your personality. You don’t have to be an Ernest Hemingway, but you should, at least, dot you “i’s” and cross your “t’s”. Wrong grammar may indicate possible communication problems between you and the homeowner. Fuzzy sentence construction could create an impression of a disorganized person. Review your profile after you’ve written it and before you submit it. Show it to a friend or two and try to get their reactions.

More than anything else, your house sitter’s profile should sound sincere, honest and straightforward. The homeowner is, above all, looking for someone he or she can trust. If your house sitter’s profile manages to put this across, then you have a good profile, whether or not you get the job.