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Baffins, South East England

ID: 4z7
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10 Aug 2020 16 Aug 2020 6 days

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1 dog(s), 1 cat(s), 3 other animal(s)

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I am a single parent dad and taking the children to Staffordshire for a week in aug 10th to 16th. We have a 3 bedroom home although dining room is also a bedroom for my 4 children and a large (for portsmouth) garden. We have a 2yr old german shepherd/ St. Bernard cross who is a big softy but mouthy to strangers so a good deterrent for Ill wishers. Bruce has a dog flap and spends time wandering in and out has his area to do his business in the garden.
We also have a cat who comes in for food like clockwise and will be out most the time but Buddy will occasionally come in for the night or day and in a rare mood will want cuddles. We have a snake that will require no attention at all Other than possible a water dish but he is also very friendly should you want to handle him and he often spends hours on my shoulders whilst I Potter about.
In the garden we have a pond with flowers and dwarf trees but the rest is paved and in the pond we have my water babies, yellow belly slider turtles. They are self sufficient and during the day will spend the time legs stretched and basking in the sun, they require a small sprinkle of food daily and nothing more. Completely new to this as always had family available to come stay on the rare occasion of us getting a break so I hope I am giving enough information, and appreciate any feedback.
Portsmouth is a historical seaside city and you could leave the house everyday at the crack and return after dark and there will still be plenty to do and see. Dockyard, free museum, free castle, forts in the hill 10 mins north and the east to west beach with piers, amausement Park, arcades, model village, boating lake, free natural history and butterfly house and so much more. Then for shopping, eating, drinking there is Gunwharf quays inc the spinnaker tower, cinema, designer outlet Shops and so many food and drink establishments. All of this is a 10 min drive from our home and all walkable and local buses 2 min walk to all these areas.
I’m Baffins there is a park 2 mins walk across the road, another 3-4 min walk the other direction and 5 min walk is Baffins pond with wildlife to feed, fields and play area. 10 mins east down our rd you can walk to eastern road and the Eastern shore of Portsmouth and the 3 lakes and Langstone harbour.
I love see fishing and happy to get a rods, reels and kit ready should you want to try your hand at beach fishing.
I hope this is what is needed
Many thanks in advance

Ps we also have a large pool that will hopefully be heated by August to chill after a bbq, is an above ground metal framed pool but lovely none the less



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