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A New Lease on Life: You’ll Love Our Rising Rent Quick Fix

Save Money housesittingJust when you thought it couldn’t get any more expensive, your rent goes up … again!

While the major cities are generally at the top of the leader board, demand for rental properties has pushed prices up right around the country.

One bedroom flats in London can command rent anywhere from £850 pcm and well above. Add your annual utilities bills – gas, electricity and sometimes water to those super-sized rent payments, and the chances of saving your hard earned dollars for any big ticket items, let alone a deposit on that dream home of your own, quickly shrink from slim to very, very skinny.

So, why not hop off the rental roundabout and join the growing ranks of house and pet loving sitters who are enjoying their rent-free life?

You’re thinking that there must be a catch, right? Understandable – but no, absolutely no catch!

For example, to register as a house sitter with Mindahome, one of the UK’s most trusted house and pet sitting services, you pay an annual fee, which gives you access to all the sitting positions listed on the Mindahome website. There’s no limit to the number of positions you can apply for either.

Sitting a house can often include caring for the owner’s pets – and many sitters fondly recall the new furry or feathered friends they’ve made during their various housesitting visits. A win for you, a win for the home owner, and a definite win for the pets!

Most house sitters don’t get paid for house sitting because they mind the home in exchange for free accommodation. Sometimes home owners and pet sitters negotiate bonds or covering costs of utilities for longer stays, but usually it’s a straight stay for pet care.

So, other than your annual membership fee, you live rent free – which gives you a golden opportunity to save thousands of pounds as well as enjoy an interesting and diverse lifestyle.

Better yet, if a holiday is on your wish list, tempting house sitting opportunities in some fabulous locations are usually available. And just think how much more you could do if your holiday budget was free of accommodation costs!

There’s no doubt about it: house sitting offers an enjoyable and very affordable lifestyle. It’s a growing trend right around the UK and it’s one that’s here to stay.