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Brixton, London

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21 Sep 2019 13 Oct 2019 22 days

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We live in a one bedroom, cute little flat in Brixton with a large garden and good living space, complete with an extremely comfy sofa (perfect for human and cat naps), a huge TV with Sky, Netflix, Playstation etc. and a separate double bedroom and bathroom. Fully equipped kitchen also included of course! Our flat is a 4 minute walk from Brixton tube station and very close to all sorts of amenities and entertainment. Just opposite our house is a small café which serves the best jerk chicken and rice in town - and that's no small feat! It's very homely and we usually take a couple of plates across the road and the lovely lady who works there serves us up a fresh meal :)

We have 2 indoor cats who both have very mild wobbly cat syndrome. This means that their paw-eye coordination isn't great and therefore aren’t allowed to go outside at any point or they would be eaten by foxes and other cats! Our girls need to be fed and watered twice a day and their poop needs scooping out at least once a day. They are both very affectionate, low maintenance and love human company. They just need cuddles, food and a place to sleep (usually on the bed with their owners :)) We are going on holiday for 3 weeks in September/October 2019 and our girls need looking after.

Please let us know if you're interested in flat sitting.

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