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Cotford St Luke, South West England

ID: 4e1
House in a country town



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28 Dec 2019 21 Mar 2020 84 days

Dates are flexible:

We are travelling to Asia and have not booked flights yet.

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Hiya. We are Sara and Aden and we are looking for someone to stay in our house and look after our doggy murphy for 3 months whilst we go on an adventure of a lifetime. We have a 2 bed house (3 bed if you count the office) with a little garden this might need mowing every now and again... But it'll be winter so maybe not. Murphy is a Romanian rescue dog... He's a collie mix. He absolutely loves all people. He is happy if he gets a walk in the morning and evening... These don't have to be long just so he can get a good sniff. He loves treat sniff games too and they tire him out. He's a bit special due to his rescue background. He wears a muzzle on walks as he can be reactive to other dogs (some dogs he absolutely loves) but if you keep him on a lead and give him enough space walks with him are a joy. If you are on a walk and there's enough space away from other dogs you can let him off the lead and his recall is good. however we have a long lead if you feel more comfortable keeping him on a lead. He's perfectly clean in the house and can be left for 4 to 6 hours if need be. He's a cutie and we love him but someone who is not a nervous dog handler would be best for him. Where we live is great for access into taunton with fields just out back so you don't need to travel for walks if you don't want to. Our usual dog walker and adens mum live in the village so help is also very close by! Let us know if you'd like to stay or have any other questions! Sara and Aden

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