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Hascombe, Near Godalming, South East England

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30 Mar 2019 6 Apr 2019

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5 stars

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We live in a semi-detached modern cottage with 4 bedrooms. We are a family of 5 with a 6 month old puppy Miniture Schnauzer (Teebo) who has been with us since the start of December. We live in the beautiful village of Hascombe which only has one pub called the White Horse (4.4 rated on goggle).

There is no local shop but the main supermarkets can deliver. We would say a car is recommend as the towns are 5 miles away. There is a bus but we are not aware how often it operates.

We also have 3 goldfish that like to be feed once a day.

There are lovely walks in forestry land in all directions from our house. The two nearest big towns are Godalming and Cranleigh and there is a small town called Dunsfold nearby.

Teebo, knows her name and comes on command (most of the time), she sleeps all through the night in her cage and is a happy soul. As Teebo comes to the office with us in the day she is very good at being quiet and sleeping. We tend to walk her 1 long and 4 short walks in the day during the week but on the weekend its more like one good walk and then she'll run around in the garden a few times a day. She is not allowed up the stairs (and she knows this).

The house is fitted with modern amenities and we have Netflix and Amazon Prime on TV. There is a washing machine, drier, and dishwasher. The only thing we don’t have is a microwave.

We are off only holiday very early in the morning of Saturday the 30th of March until later in the day of Saturday the 6th of April and would invite someone to come and stay in our house during that time. The cleaner will clean the house on the Monday.

If you are after a peaceful week this is the right place with very little light or noise pollution.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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