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Horsham, South East England

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18 Dec 2018 23 Dec 2018

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We live in a 4 Bedroom detached House with a Garden, it has easy Parking and is a 5 minute walk away from the Train station. We have two cats (Luna and Estelle) and a blind female 2 yr old German shepherd (Loki). We need someone that could look after them for when we go away. As our Cats and Dog don't get on with each other, they are in different parts of the House. Our Cats are Indoor Cats which makes it easier. Luna and Estelle have got lovely personalities, they are both different, Estelle is a bit more observant and perhaps shy, but as soon as soon as she warms up to you, she gives you lovely cuddles :-) Luna is always for cuddles lol Loki has a very gentle heart, but her having lost her sight at only four month old has not been easy, she has adapted well to her blindness, but with sounds she does not recognize she becomes very anxious and reactive so we are aware of thatto make sure to calm her and always make sure to talk to her before approaching her. She is a very gentle girl and loves being close to you. She lies on my feet when I'm cooking in the Kitchen and she allowed on the Sofa and comes and snuggles up, which we really enjoy. Loki is not like every other dog because of her disability, and needs that extra attention of being aware of her condition and situation, beside that she is has a heart of Gold. PS she adores Carrots, as soon as you open the Fridge she will come and sit right next to it like a good girl awaiting you to give her Carrot lol I hope that this describes well our furry BFF's and our Home, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask :-) Kind regards, Nathalie x

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