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Leominster, West Midlands

ID: 42m



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4 Sep 2019 23 Sep 2019 19 days

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3 bedroom cottage which is part of a small group of off-road cottages. We're tucked away behind other houses with two paths that lead to the cottages making it quiet and cosy.
Great neighbors so there are always people around if you need anything. There is a garden so there will be some watering need, depending on the good old British weather. There are also a few plants in the house so they will need a bit of care. We have two well established cats (siblings) who are nearly 2yrs and a 4yrs old we are currently integrating into the family. There all love being around people. The younger ones take a bit of time to allow strangers to stroke them however they really need company and once you've made friends they are very cuddly. The new one is also very friendly though more cautious with being picked up. We need someone to feed and love them while we're away as well as be a presence in the house.

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