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Leominster, West Midlands

ID: 45s
Home in the country



Nearest major city:


Sitter required for:

19 May 2020 6 Jun 2020 18 days

Dates are flexible:

These dates are on hold at present due to Covid 19.

Pet sitting required:

1 dog(s), 1 cat(s)

Sitter's pets welcome:

More Information

A 2 bedroom stone cottage in a rural village. I have an Irish Setter, (Kiah, 7 years old) and a tabby cat, Oliver, who is 8. Kiah needs two good walks a day. In summer the garden needs a certain amount of attention.
The cottage faces onto a small courtyard and to the rear there are views to open fields and woodland.
I need a sitter in May of 2020 when I have a holiday booked but would preferably like someone who was able to cover for a few days here and there this autumn and maybe in the winter.

There is no bus service in my village so a driver is essential.

I will pay a reasonable daily rate and make some contribution to travel expenses.



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