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Louth Lincs Ln11, Yorkshire and the Humber

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Susan & Hans

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14 Mar 2019 5 Apr 2019

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Based in the market town of Louth in north Lincolnshire, where we have lived for just over a year with our three dogs, Buddy GRT, Wiggles-brown Lab, & Max GRT. We all came over from Australia where we lived for 36 years. We still operate a business in Melbourne which entails travelling back and forth there a couple of times a year. We would really like to establish a relationship with reliable house sitter that can cope with 3 big dogs, walking together on my left when I take them out, using Gentle Leaders (Australian version) and they live inside as they represent our furry kids.

We have had very mixed experiences with local kennels as Buddy has an intense tendency to eat things and chew anything he can find when we are away and when getting excited/stressed. Any door bell, visitor, friend etc, he will try and find something to take in his mouth and offer it to the visitor - but if left with him, he will chew & eat it. The last house sitter was not attentive and Buddy ended up with a full bowel obstruction – This was the third and the Vet advised he will not survive a fourth one. It took him nearly 3 weeks to recover, with all associated Vet costs!

In Australia for years we had the same house sitter and they loved each other, and ideally we like to establish the same here. Our Australian trips are 3-4 weeks incl travel back/forth. We also like to do some smaller one-offs like visiting our family in Geneva for a week here and there.

We are looking for a very attentive, forward thinking dog lover who will ensure there is nothing that Buddy can access before opening any door. They need to ensure that all gates are closed and maybe give him a chewing toy to carry around and chew on [to be taken away after a short while], rather than dragging a towel or coaster or mobile and chewing on those. Regretfully - as my very special dog - we cannot afford to lose him and therefore the person who takes this on are forewarned he is beautiful creature but has this very bad fetish- at the risk of killing himself. Max & Wiggles are very playful and young dogs, but can keep each other well entertained. All three dogs are very sociable and friendly and love attention!

Those applying for the position are to understand that they are there for the dogs, anything else is secondary. Drop the ball and the risks are life-threatening for Buddy!

Visiting and meeting the dogs [and humans] prior to any commitment highly recommended, petrol costs paid for this visit for the selected party. Sitters are recommended to have their own PLI as recommended by MindaHome.

Next dates are set, booked and non-negotiable.

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