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Pampisford, East of England

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26 Sep 2019 30 Sep 2019 4 days

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We have a large home with an enclosed garden set in open countryside on the edge of the town. We have a labrador and 3 Jack Russells. The Jack's can be cantankerous with each other but are loving with humans and the labrador and so we keep them separated from each other and they each have their own room. This means that the Jacks have to be rotated every two hours. Grommet, a Jack, can be difficult and we need someone who understands dogs and is happy to throw a blanket over Grommet's head and pick up if he refuses to go upstairs. This sounds bad but Grommet is a loving dog. We have used dog sitters for year for vacations and we have never had a problem.
We are hoping to go away for this long weekend and are looking for someone to stay. This could lead to future work for longer vacations as well.

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