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Sheffield, Yorkshire and the Humber

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9 Aug 2019 18 Aug 2019

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We have a 2 bedroom semi-detatched house 10 minutes drive from Sheffield city centre and 25 minute drive to the peak district.

It's a really quiet, nice neighbourhood with plenty of on road parking. We also have an office, spacious kitchen, front room/dinning room and upstairs bathroom.

We have a 2 year old indoor Maine Coon Cat called Koala who will need some company while we are on holiday. She is very fluffy, playful and sassy. She's like our family member so it's very important that she's taken care of. She has no medical issues. She will need to be fed, given treats, scoop her litter tray, played with and given the occasional head rub (she's not a lap cat but still likes some affection).

Nothing else in the house needs attention (We can't seem to keep plants alive so none to water!)

We love living here so we hope you enjoy staying!

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