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Why be a House Sitter

Why be a house sitter is not a question many people ask themselves. House sitting is an emerging trend and still not a very common one. Nevertheless, it offers unique opportunities for many groups of people whose life styles fit the requirements of the job. House sitting means accepting a contract to take care of someone else’s house for a specified period of time. Sometimes you are paid for your services dependant on the work required to be performed. There are very few prerequisites for a house sitter. There are no gender, age, educational or nationality restrictions. As long as the client is satisfied that you can do the job required, you can be a house sitter. This makes house sitting ideal for persons like retirees, self-employed people or even those with disabilities.

It’s relatively simple entering the house sitters’ job pool. All you need to do is sign up with Mindahome. You’ll need to provide personal information about yourself, the places you can do house sitting, the schedules that are acceptable to you, and any other special conditions or restrictions that you might want to be part of the agreement. You do need to pay a nominal annual fee to be part of the Mindahome pool of house sitters.

Whenever a house sitting assignment pops up in an area you’ve included in your profile, the company will inform you. The terms of the agreement with the home owner will include the duration and location of the house sitting assignment, and the specific tasks you are supposed to fulfill. Some may be as simple as keeping the house clean and secure. Others may entail more responsibilities like forwarding mail, paying bills, arranging for home repairs, tending the garden or taking care of a pet. The pay may vary depending on the complexity of the tasks.

Many home owners prefer a house sitter who has a record of responsibility and who does not have conflicting schedules or obligations. Home owners always have qualms about leaving a home in the hands of a stranger. A house sitter who can demonstrate past experience in handling a job well and show that he or she is trustworthy will help put these misgivings to rest.

There are many rewards for a house sitter. House sitting offers opportunities to visit new places, meet new people, experience new cultures and enjoy new challenges, all with no accommodation expenses. Low-key as the job may sound, house sitting is anything but boring. More than anything else however, it gives you a chance to do something important and meaningful. Think about being a house sitter and you just might be surprised at what a wonderful activity it can be.