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Experienced DBS checked petsitter

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36 to 45


Education Manager, Pet Sitter

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East Midlands East of England London North East England North West England South East England South West England West Midlands Yorkshire and the Humber Scotland Wales All Others (full regions list)

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5 stars

More Information

*Full and clear enhanced DBS dated June 19*
Driver's license provided as ID with full name

Most recent references
Cats (further references available)
'If you want someone who understand cats and treats your pets as they would their own, Jeanine is the sitter for you. I have two confident cats and two timid cats and she understood their needs immediately so that they were put at ease from day one. Jeanine gave me daily updates, photos and videos and put the needs of my cats first every day. She is organised, detailed and conscientious but for me, the most important thing is that she really treated my cats well so I can happily recommend her' Elizabeth, Redhill, June 19

'Jeanine is a wonderful, thorough and thoughtful sitter. She is super-organised and efficient but above all obviously loves animals. My two cats took to her immediately and it sounds like they didn't leave her side until she left! I received lots of pictures and messages and I felt 100% happy that all was well at home. I was impressed with Jeanine and would be delighted to invite her back again.'
Mel, Clapham, June 19

'Jeanine was the "Mary Poppins" for our cat, beyond expectations, she was amazing. We were very worried about leaving our house and cat with someone unknown, we could not have asked for more from Jeanine. She came and met us before the sit to run through everything, kept us up to date every day with pictures and great communications, and left the house immaculate and one very happy cat. Jeanine, from all of us, including Hobbes, thank you.'
Chris and Naz, Barnes, June 19

We had the pleasure of meeting Jeanine prior to the house-sit and her experience and love of pets was clear. We received updates and photos on a daily basis, as well as links to songs she played on the piano to relax our cat, Bella! Bella was very happy and pampered, we wondered whether she missed us at all.. Jeanine provided thorough handover notes and left the home clean and tidy. We would highly recommend Jeanine!
Thank you Jeanine for the time and care you took of Bella
Sophie, Wimbledon, May 19

Dogs (further references available)
'Jeanine was great keeping Ash. She went well beyond the call of duty in caring for my dog and was overly conscientious about her needs were. Ash was very happy when I came back so I know she was well looked after. The house was very tidy too. I would recommend' John, Putney, Nov 18

Petcare Skills profile: Dog Breeds Cared For have included: Labrador retrievers (x4 separately) , Whippet, Pugs, Parson Terrier, Bison Frise, Maltese Cross, Labradoodle, Border Collie , Springer Spaniel, Cyprus Poodles, Yorkshire Terrier, Goldendoodle, Dachsund, Miniature dachshund, Cavachon, Pomeranian, Akita, Boston Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, lurcher, Shih Tzu

Ages and needs of dogs looked after: Puppies, teens, elderly dogs, blind and partially deaf dogs

Types of cat cared for: Indoor and outdoor cats, cats who need to be let in and out, lap cats and non lap cats

Cat breeds cared for : bengals, ragdoll, ocicat, short haired, siamese, moggies, British blues, tortoiseshell, tabby, savannah

Ages and needs of cats looked after: Kitten, elderly, teenagers, cat with a broken leg kept in a large crate until leg healed

Dog Knowledge and Experience: Which foods are toxic to dogs, Awareness of not overfeeding/ overtreating dogs for weight gain, dog tail positions, walking safely on a lead including pavement awareness, lead training if pulling on a lead, when to walk a dog in the summer months including shade and hydration, how to pick up a dog, looking after puppies including keeping chewable items out of reach, how to calm anxious dogs (including thunder vests), how to reassure noise sensitive dogs within the home, food, water and bowl(s) hygiene, collar safety, summer dog care including cooling techniques, how to bath a dog, general and medical eye cleaning, cleaning pugs' creases, doggy massage, administering tablets (crushed and uncrushed), how to clean interdigital cysts, how to prepare a bland diet for diarrhoea, taking a dog to the vets, taking dogs on public transport, using classical music to soothe anxious dogs, having a dog or dogs sleep on the bed

Cat Knowledge and Experience: Which foods are toxic to cats, cat tail positions, cat communication (slow blinking, winking, signs of trust), reading to nervous or shy cats to help them adjust, how to empty and replenish a litter box, how to stroke a cat, how to replenish an automatic cat feeder, cat cooling methods in the summer, general health and safety including keeping windows close or ajar for indoor cats, food, water and bowl(s) hygiene, applying suntan lotion to cat's ears and nose, eye cleaning, cleaning bite wounds with water and saline, cleaning wounds for rescue cat, rescuing a cat and co-ordination his safe transfer to Cats Protection with the vets (he would otherwise have been put down), walking a cat on a lead

Specialisms/majority of experience: Owners leaving their pet(s) with a sitter for the first time, anxious pets, using classical music to calm and soothe pets, due to musical training and knowledge (BA Hons, PGCE Music)

Style: Hands-on, attentive, communicative, calm

Driving: Although I can drive, I do not have a car so would need to take your pet(s) to the vet by taxi. As requested below, please leave emergency taxi fare and any pet carriers accessible

Qualifications: BA Hons, PGCE, CELTA, Dip Acting Languages: English (native), French (degree), German and Italian (conversational) Additional skills: piano

1a. Can you arrive the day or evening before the date we leave for our trip?/ how do you do your handovers?
*I can only start each petsit from the date that owners leave . This is also for my own peace of mind, and is standard for professional petsitters. For handovers, I either arrive up to one hour prior to your departure time from the house, or quite often a key is left with a neighbour.

1b. Can you come and visit the house beforehand for a meet and greet?
If I am near your location then yes I can, however I do ask for travel costs for this. Over the summer I will be at home in Gloucestershire so pre-visits in London or areas closeby will be unlikely. Alternatively I can talk over the phone

2. Where are you based? I am based in Gloucestershire, but do the majority of my petsitting in London and the South East.

3. What do you do for a living and what is your daily work pattern whilst petsitting? I do a combination of online teaching and ad-hoc cover teaching, as well as private, professional petsitting. My petsitting days are a combination of staying in, and going out - this is not every day, and I am always back in the evening

4a. Would you leave a pet overnight you are caring for? As a professional petsitter, no, this would never be the case unless I am on a drop-in petsit or pet feed
4b. Would you ever have a party at a petsitter's house? (many ads state 'no parties') Again as above, I have a professional work ethic so I would never do this

5. Why do you ask if there are cameras in the property or garden? This is a routine question for petsitters, as a GDPR (privacy) issue for the sitter. The sitter can then accept or decline the sit based on this information, which is standard. I send photo updates daily unless otherwise requested, to give you peace of mind about your pet

6. A family member wants to drop in during the petsit, is this okay? Having had a couple of experiences with people letting themselves in during petsits, I now specify that I will only do sole access housesits, as is standard. I would be happy to take their phone number and be contactable in the event of an emergency

7. Can you accept parcels for me whilst I am away (or for the household) Due to parcels being delivered previously with items broken, I now request that all deliveries are arranged for prior or after the petsit dates. This include all deliveries for your pet(s)

8. Can you respond to messages straight away? I always say that I respond to messages within 24 hours, or straight away in the event of an emergency. If out and about in London I do not always have my phone with me due to the rise in theft. If you would like to talk on the phone please arrange this with me giving enough notice

9. Can you send updates every day? Yes, I always send photo updates every day unless you would prefer another arrangement

10. Is it okay if I add on duties during the petsit, or add extra pets to the petsit? Please confirm all duties prior to the petsit so that these can be agreed

1)Create a safe and secure environment for the sitter, and for your pet in the sitter's care:
a) The sitter: Please confirm it is a sole access* (ie no third parties present) house sit in your first contact - including anyone with keys or dropping in (eg estate agents) As stated above I only do sole access petsits. Please reschedule cleaners, gardeners and window cleaners for the end of the petsit, so that the sitter does not have to go out for the duration of their visit. This is also for insurance reasons, as if anything happened to either your home or your pet during the cleaner's visit, there would be no way for the sitter to prove this was not their fault

-Please advise up front whether there is CCTV inside your home or in the garden (GDPR)

-Please provide keys to all (door) locks and ensure that they are fully operational

- Please advise whether you have had any burglaries, whether your area is a burglary hot spot (particularly for London sits) and whether there are any issues with neighbours (one sit was next to a family who were known to the police, and one evening a knife fight broke out outside the house).

-Please advise of all relevant pet routines and behaviours, such as scratching or biting, Interaction with other pets in the house (eg humping), and what time your pet is usually back (eg a cat with a flap), with any relevant history - eg whether your pet is a rescue animal

-In terms of house care plant watering is fine, however I do not mow lawns due to health and safety

b)Your pet:
- Please ensure your pet is up to date with their flea and tick treatment, and check them for ticks prior to your departure - particularly under dog collars. Ticks spread diseases and put your pet at severe risk, as well as the sitter due to the risk of lyme disease

- Please ensure your pet's fur has been trimmed if needed for the summer - dogs can't sweat so need extra help to keep cool. Please schedule your pet's groom before you leave for your trip, to minimise distress to your pet. I had one cat experience stress from his owner's departure, whose groom was scheduled for the very next day, which caused him further stress and exacerbated his urinary issues

- Please provide cooling mats and a fan if your home gets very hot during heatwaves

- Please allocate a sleeping area for your pets which does not overheat - this also applies to areas you would like your pet left if a sitter goes out

- Please leave the details for the vet, and set up a payment arrangement with the vet in advance - I cannot stress enough how important it is that your pet is registered with a vet in a sitter's care. (As mentioned below please leave emergency taxi money for the unlikely event of an accident, as well as the number for a pet friendly taxi company)

- Please advise whether your pet has been neutered or spayed

-Please leave emergency contact numbers in the UK

-Please leave your landline phone accessible for emergencies, eg if I need to contact the vet (the phone is sometimes locked in the office space), and for local calls

-Please ensure all pet food and treats are within their use by date, and pet appropriate (eg I have had dog treats left for cats)

-Please advise if there are any updates in your pet or pets' health or behaviours prior to the petsit - eg if they have recently started vomiting. Also if there are any relevant updates for repeat petsits in their routine or behaviours (particularly if there has been a large gap since the last petsit)

-Please remove any hazards to your pet (eg flowers that are toxic to cats, such as chrysanthemums)

- Please ensure your dog has been microchipped, which is now a legal requirement

- I'm a sole charge petsitter, meaning that I request that any dog walkers are cancelled - this covers me against any accident or injury that may occur in the dog walkers' care, including during the summer if your dog is wrongfully walked during the hottest parts of the day

-Please confirm whether your dog is able to escape from your garden

-I cannot walk dogs off-lead as a petsitter, due to the fact I would not be able to recall them. All dog walks are on-lead only, using the lead you provided - please ensure it is secure and has a trigger clip for safety. Please also ensure a long enough lead is provided if you would like to your dog to be able to run whilst on the lead

-I cannot leave dogs in the garden for any length of time as a petsitter, due to the increase in dog thefts in the UK - nor can I leave dogs tied up outside shops

-I am required to remove dog collars inside the home as a petsitter, due to the known cases where these have become tangled and have led to both injuries and fatalities

- I would never give a dog either rawhide or bones for health and safety reasons, and due to choking hazards

- I cannot I cannot let kittens outside who have not yet been spayed or neutered

- Please leave your cat carrier accessible (for vet emergencies) as well as litter and a litter tray (in case of fireworks or any reason your cat needs to be kept in)

- If your cat is known to become severely stressed when you go on holiday, please plug in Feliway prior to your departure, or supply this for them

-I cannot feed a reptile live animals, as this is against my ethics as a humane pet carer - if your reptile is able to have an alternative diet during your holiday, I will be able to petsit for you

2) Create a clean environment for the petsitter:
Although the majority of my petsitting experiences have been extremely positive, I have unfortunately arrived at two separate petsits to find heavily soiled toilets, dirty guest room sheets, bins overflowing and on one of them a cat litter box which was heavily soiled and not washed in weeks - on one of them I got ill as a result and had to take antibiotics. I appreciate that this is very rare, and may offend some pet owners reading it, however I now have to say it due to my experiences

3) Create a comfortable environment
- Please advise whether you have heating (one lady did not) and a guest bed with bedding - as well as if there is kitchen access.

-Please advise on building works and any noisy neighbours up front (one neighbour played dance music at full volume through the floor during a housesit) - this includes any communal gardens in summer - I work from home so need a quiet environment.

-Please provide a bedroom with blinds or curtains on the windows - one guest room had no covering on the windows at all

4) Communication - Please Include the time you will be leaving and coming back on your listing - please note I only petsit on the day that owners go away, versus the night before.

-Please advise on where you are travelling to (for the time difference and messaging), and include emergency arrangements should you have a flight delay back.

-Please be responsive to messages whilst away, or if you do not need any updates sent, please advise before leaving.

-Please be polite in communication at all times. I will respond to messages within 24 hours during the petsit, and within 48 hours prior to the petsit. Please note I do not always have my phone with me whilst out and about in London due to theft. I will send photo updates daily if requested.

-Please inform sitter of all duties/ responsibilities up front so that these can be agreed to - this includes number of pets (one lady wanted to add a neighbour's pet to the assignment at the last minute, there were already four pets to look after). My duties extend to looking after your pet(s) and light plant watering, please organise any deliveries for before or after the petsit as I cannot accept parcels due to the risk of anything being broken

- Please be specific on quantities for any plant and/or lawn watering - I do not have horticultural expertise but am always diligent in watering plants

5) Fee, float and monies:
My fees if pet care is needed during your housesit are as follows, which are less than my private rates:
Up to two dogs: £20 per day. £5 for each additional pet
Up to two cats: £10 per day, £5 for each additional pet
I also ask for return travel fare if outside of London zones 1-6, of up to £30 which can include travel by train, coach or by air
20% deposit payable to book, balance due one week prior to petsit begins

b) Pet food and emergencies: Please have an arrangement in place with your vet for the payment of any fees. Please ensure enough food is left for your pet(s) for the duration of the sit, or leave float money to cover this. Please organise food and any litter deliveries for before the sit dates, so that these are already available. -Please ensure emergency money is left for a taxi to the vet, with cat carriers left accessible also

c) Houseshold supplies. I have not been at one housesit where there have not been items to replenish - please leave float money for these. Receipts will be kept and change returned. These items have included bin bags, dishwasher tablets, antibacterial soap, cleaning supplies such as spray cleaners and sponges, and I have also had to buy a dustpan and brush, broom and mop as one lady did not have these. Please note that sitters are required to leave your home clean, and if you have a visiting cleaner, you may not have the supplies needed in the cupboard.
c)No utility bills or cleaning bills to be paid by the sitter

Introduction: I've been petsitting since 2013 and am a kind, diligent and reliable pet sitter - I would definitely describe myself as more of a 'pet nanny' in terms of attentiveness and care. I am a repeat and preferred sitter for five different pet owners, and am both a cat and a dog person, primarily focused on the comfort and happiness of your pet as well as your peace of mind. As a trained and experienced teacher as well as an education manager, I have an organised approach and like to stick to your pets' routine so that they are happy and healthy. I maintain regular contact and send both photo and video updates. I have excellent references and am a non smoker. I thought this might be a good way to tell you about me: (please scroll down for a references)

1. Why should I give you the keys to look after my house?
- As a trained and experienced teacher I am very responsible, resourceful, proactive, diligent and hardworking in my approach to petsitting, and take lots of notes on how owners like things to be done. I am a non smoker and will leave your house or flat both clean and tidy when I leave. I will send you regular updates to let you know all is well for your peace of mind.

2. How do we know we can trust you to look after our home and pet(s)?
- I am a UK citizen and all of my family live here, so I would be able to give you an address in this country as well as a copy of my passport and up to date, clear DBS. I have lots of excellent references which I am happy for you to follow up.

3. Do you like pets?
- I haven't got any of my own pets, but really love both cats and dogs, and animals respond well to me. I have a sister who has two dogs, a cat and two rabbits so is able to tell me anything additional I need to know or check. As a trained teacher I am extremely nurturing and have had experience both teaching and childminding very young children (from a very early age myself), which I find also translates well to looking after animals.

4. What have you learned so far in looking after pets?
- Each animal is very much an individual with different needs and preferences. I always takes notes on their routine and how they like their food, and am sensitive to the fact that they might have separation anxiety. If there is anything I am unsure of I always research it or ring a vet to double check. I make sure their litter is kept clean (for cats) and that the animal is happy - for example if looking after a cat I always check the position of their tail as an indication of how they are feeling- dogs also. I like to find out which toys they like, and which treats they enjoy. I don't like to leave an animal on its own for too long and always ensure they are comfortable and content.

5. What differences have you found in looking after both cats and dogs?
- I know to be extremely vigilant when walking dogs because of other dogs which may attack them, and I am experienced in dogwalking - I also know to keep a firm hold on a lead and to have it wrapped round my wrist. I have excellent hearing for oncoming cars (eg in country lanes) and have a gentle but firm approach. I am vigilant also when walking a dog in built up areas because of what might be on the ground, and recently a pond was giving dogs that paddled in it diarrhoea so I knew to avoid it. I am aware of the foods which are toxic to dogs and cats respectively, and that their tail positions mean different things for each -e.g a wagging tail does not mean the same thing for a dog and a cat. I know how to safely pick up both a dog and a cat if needed.

6. Do you have experience of taking an animal in your care to the vets?
- Yes, I have taken Tilly the kitten to the vets to have her nails trimmed. I also made an appointment for Mitford to go to the vets for an eye infection, and took her - she had her eyes examined and dye put in which was traumatic for her but I comforted her throughout.

7. Have you had experience of giving a pet medicine and/ or dealing with illness?
- Yes, many times. I have had experience of giving daily antibiotics to Bertie the dog and looking after Mish the cat when he had a broken leg. I also cleaned Mitford's eyes daily (please see above) and applied her eyedrops three times a day for five days until the infection had cleared. I have treated dogs' diarrhoea with a bland chicken and rice diet until they are better - I am extremely resilient and hands-on. I recently looked after an elderly Labrador who was on lots of medication, and worked out how to time the pills so that he could walk more easily round the park - this was also noted by a neighbour compared to a previous petsitter.

8. What experience do you have of looking after a property?
-Having rented on my own for several years (after house sharing in my 20s) I'm conscious of taking responsibility for a property and all that entails - having an awareness of security, making sure doors are locked and appliances are switched off, keeping bill costs down, emptying the household rubbish and recycling, and generally keeping the house clean, tidy and safe.

9. What do you do for a living and how is your career history relevant to house and pet sitting?
- I own and operate an education company, having worked as a teacher for 19 years. This experience has included several years of primary and secondary supply teaching, requiring the ability to follow instructions, be flexible and quickly adapt to new schools and classroom systems whilst respecting what was already in place - I find this skill to be very transferable to house and pet sitting.

10. How have you demonstrated being responsible in the past?
- Apart from running my company, I have been an education manager for several companies on their summer centres, including pastoral responsibilities with children staying away from home in another country, requiring a high level of responsibility. I am also an aunty to two lovely little girls, and having grown up with two much younger sisters I have always been very hands-on and responsible. I was often asked to babysit and childmind for friends and family at a young age due to being mature for my age, and am the second oldest of four children.

11. Describe how you treat your own home
- I am clean living, don't smoke, hardly drink and don't play loud music. I am also very careful with stains and like to keep a clean living environment. I check everything meticulously before both going out and going to bed.

12. What are 3 relevant skills?
- adaptable
- forward-planning
- proactive

13. What are the personal qualities that make you suitable for house and pet sitting?
- responsible
- caring
- diligent
- patient

14. Describe your personality and how you behave if you are stressed or tired - I have been trained to 'keep calm under pressure' and will always speak calmly and kindly to pets in my care, always playing down any accidents or spillages - a skill learned from teaching and childcare. Having babysat for my nieces since their birth I am used to being woken up very early for feeding, however do need my sleep also to prevent illness

15. What little touches can you offer which make you stand out?- I will leave your house tidy with a light clean ( versus deep clean/professional standard) with the rubbish and recycling emptied, and will wash all bedding and towels I have used or strip the beds depending on your preference. If I am ill I will do my best to leave it as clean as possible.

16. Is there anything else you would like to add?
- I'm a good communicator so will stay in regular contact with you and let you know all is well - photos and videos of your pet are also fine, and I love taking photos! As a musician I like to play cat music or classical music to help soothe pets - I also always leave the TV or radio on for pets if they are left alone. I am kind and loving towards pets and like to ensure they are happy - there are always lots of cuddles on the couch and I both talk to them and praise them (eg on walks) - as well as sing and tell them stories! I'm aware of food hygiene and always check food is in date/within the recommended number of days once opened - I also keep an eye of pets' preferred flavours of food from selection packs, and general eating preferences. I have previously bought a coat for a dog in winter who had recently had his fur trimmed, and a doggy rope toy for a dog who liked tug of war - I also like to pick up paper bags in shops for cats in my care! I am always conscious of maintaining a comfortable environment for pets, ensuring it is an ambient temperature and that tv and music is not too loud. Lastly I was brought up in the Cotswolds and have also lived in the city, so can adapt to different environments very well.

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