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Sorry - No Longer Pet Sitting I'm Afraid

ID: 8zj


Bob Helen and Alice



Age group:

55 plus


Care Givers and Disabled Daughter

Years active:

1 year

Preferred locations:

All the United Kingdom (full regions list)

Reply rating:

5 out of 5

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Our promise to you is simple - your pets/house will have our undivided attention 24 hours a day 7 days a week - long or short sits. We live in Sheffield and have our own home there - willing to travel anywhere in the UK. We're all non smokers and your property will probably be cleaner than you left it.

Responsible, trustworthy and committed married couple and daughter with an acquired Brain Injury. Please don't be put off by that though, she only has slightly reduced mobility and more than makes up by loving all the animals unconditionally!

Thanks so much Katherine and Adam for allowing us to bring Brian on the previous sit at Church Farm after our beloved Tess died Brian loves the pet sitting life as much as we do!! We've consequently made the decision to only consider sits where we can bring Brian along too. Now he's on his own we can't consciously leave him to kennel on his own in much the same way you all have the same thought! It's been a revelation to see his confidence soar and a joy to watch him adapt to strange new experiences and situations.

We love animals and can testify to their remarkable restorative and rehabilitative qualities simply by Alice's own experiences. After her brain injury she was unresponsive for more than 3 months, unable to communicate that she was conscious and cognitively aware of what was going on around her. That is until I climbed over the back fence of the Neurological ward she was in with our two dogs. The nurses moved her bed to the window and she gazed at them for half an hour. That very night, when I returned she amazed everyone by saying "Hi Bob!" as I got to her bedside. We will always believe in miracles brought about by animals from now on.

Rest assured your beloved animals and property would be treasured and cared for as if they were our own.

We would also suggest our circumstances make us perfect for sitting. We rarely venture out for more than 3 or 4 hours due to Alice's fatigue levels being high. The property and animals would therefore, necessarily, receive our utmost attention. We're quite happy spend every second with your little treasures and would love to take care of your home. After seven years we all need something more than therapy and stress to improve all our qualities of life. If we can help you to help us then that's more than an equitable trade.

Unfortunately, our home in Sheffield was broken into while on the a sit in January but that's just MEH to us after what we've had to deal with. Helen just drove home and is dealing with the grief as we continue the 'hard work' caring for this lovely home and treasured animals. Consequently, we don't fill out the calendar so please just message for our availability. Once we've committed to a sit we will do it however much that inconveniences us personally.

We'd like to wholeheartedly thank the wonderful owners for their generosity and trust, allowing us to have the most wonderful experiences.

We are non-smokers and drinkers. For clarification, Alice is quite able to climb stairs and you needn't worry her disability will be a challenge. Her only real needs would be a bathroom fairly close to her bedroom and another bedroom close by for us to keep an ear out for in the night. She would also like somewhere that is easy to keep warm during the autumn and winter months - her thermostat seems broken since the injury!

And we don't expect to be paid - we do it for the experience and interaction with the animals. If you trust us with your house and pets that's reward enough for us.

We are largely self sufficient and able to travel anywhere in the UK (or even further afield, if necessary). Our 4x4 has a cavernous boot, large enough for most dogs. We also own our own home outright in Sheffield and have worked all our lives until events overtook all our lives.

We're just down to earth, straightforward and engaging people dealing with an impossibly difficult situation as best we can for the sake of our beloved Daughter.
Our biggest fault is that we just don't know when to say no and tend to go the extra mile even though it's not in our best interests. For instance, receiving a call from a regular on the Friday for a sit on Sunday when we're all ready on a sit! Bonkers really but job done, even though on this occasion I've been left at home to fend for myself playing golf all week lol!

Thanks for reading - if you got this far!!

And, finally, the situation with Alice's case has been resolved - necessitating a 500 mile drive from Fife to London after leaving our sit with Karin. You might say we're all a tiny bit frazzled this week!!!!

Bob Helen Alice and Brian