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Derby, East Midlands

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30 Jun 2019 19 Jul 2019

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Hi. We are Teri, James and Freddie and we currently reside with two dogs and five parrots. For holidays however, the residency will reduce to 1 or 2 dogs depending on the break and as for the parrots they all have their own holiday home. However, in the past they have stayed home dependant upon the sitters experience with them. Molly is a Jack Russel and, is rather small compared to the other one: a very friendly and playful American Akita who uses a Halti to aid walking.. Add 5 parrots into the mix and you can probably see why we need a house sitter! A brave one, no doubt some of you are thinking... But we take our animals seriously and, overall, they are a well behaved and well trained bunch. They are all certainly characters, but you won't find continually screeching birds or bad tempered aggressive dogs here. Obviously, though, being an animal lover is something of an essential for this assignment.
If the private menagerie isn't bad enough, it's only right that we mention right now that the house is part way through a full renovation. Now, by this, we mean we are a normal couple with a new son who are gradually working our way around a property that hadn't been decorated, or modernised, since the 1970's. Please banish any thoughts of holes in the floor, live wires hanging out of walls, and brick and mortar dust everywhere. We wouldn't live like that and we wouldn't expect anyone else to.
As it stands at the moment, one reception room is freshly decorated and very cosy, the bedroom has been freshened up and features a gorgeous king size waterbed, and the kitchen - though less than pretty - is fully functional with all the mod cons you'd expect (including a pride of place range cooker!). All the important stuff that could potentially become a problem - such as gas, the wiring, and the plumbing including the water tank - has been renewed already.
In summary, then, the house isn't beautiful - yet. But it is clean, extremely livable, and a lively place thanks to the pets. It's in a fantastic location, and if the internet is important to you, we also have lightning fast wireless fibre optic broadband installed.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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